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3 Critical Keys After the Discovery of Betrayal

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Having a tactical resource when I felt hopeless from someone who had walked this journey before me was huge for me.  There were days of sadness and depression where my friends and my family couldn't relate or understand my conflicting emotions. This healing program helped me take my next breath and keep moving.

- Brandi

Melody created something just for me.  She didn't encourage me to focus on reconciliation or focus on divorce, she just encouraged me to focus on me; my heart, my emotions, and my recovery after this nightmare.  The certainty that I had something daily to get me through each day with so much uncertainty after betrayal was huge for me so that I could survive and begin "living" again.

- Stephanie

Knowing I was not alone in the mess my life was in was a life ring for me...and having someone who has been through it and I could trust to know exactly what I needed next when I didn't know what my next step would be was life giving.

- Michelle